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ETHOS OF MUSIC ART. Essays in Moral Philosophy, carte de referinta in etica artei, aparuta in limba engleza, in care sunt surpinse normele si implicatiile eticii in creatia artistica. Carte face referiri importante la un cod etic si moral ce ar fi idel de adoptat atat de catre creatorul cat si de promotorul de arta.

Autor: Carmen COZMA

ISBN 978-973-88532-5-6

"The aspects of a moral Hedonism and a Eeudaemoniansm in music art received early recognition in the theorizing of the ancient Greeks about art in general, in Aristotle's conception of mimesis, poiesis and catharsis . We refer, certainly, to his speaking of „the songs that purify the soul”, that „give us a harmless joy”.
Through artistic-musical creation, we find something about the meaning of happiness / eudaimonia – a value that has always concerned the human spirit. Musical works cement the correlation of a system of values, which is very important for the essence of human being - on the individual and social planes of existence. These are values that enable man to flourish, to maximize his state of well-being, to achieve happiness and, thus, to receive a revelation of truth."
Prof. Univ. Dr. Carmen COZMA



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